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in south america in 1978. more than 300 of them were jirn and many of them poiseoned by san francisco base reverend jim jones and others were order shot by him. many of the victims are buried at oakland's evergreen cemetery. they are trying to get a granite wall to honor the children. issues with financing, the neighborhood and the company building the monument continue to hold up the process. >> thanks for the memories. and so we say to you, and those of you, we thank you for the memory. >> well, the group contends the evergreen cemetery is unwilling to move forward and has refused to communicate with them. the cemetery and its neighbors say that the hill where the memorial is planned cannot support it structurally. the group though plans to continue its fight. >> developing right now, the san mateo police department is finishing its investigation in the officer-involved shooting. >> let's get more now live from police headquarters. this happened late this morning and finally getting answers to what led to all of this. is that correct? >> reporter: yes. the shooting is still under investi
that america's stronger when you can't lay someone off because they're more expensive than another person. that's a strong america. >> well, we've seen the rallies in wisconsin and tonight in san jose. dozens of union laborers turned out for a show of solidarity. the south bay labor counsel organizing the demonstration in front of the king library in san jose, as we speak. still, though, from new jersey to california, the drum beat of pension reform movement gets louder every day. the question tonight, will it happen here? we're joined by our nbc political analyst, now larry gerston. let's start right away. sending a message, this rally, and who are they sending a message to? >> they're sending a message to the city council, to the public, and sending a message to the members. we're not going to roll over, as you've seen in other places. that said, let's remember something from last november. proposition "w," the whole idea, allowing the city to negotiate passed, 72% of the voters said yes. so, obviously, there's an awful lot of interest in doing what these union folks don't want to see. >> the
. >> reporter: the study by transportation for america says bridges all across the state are in need of repair. bay area alone has 250 of them. >> we built so much infrastructure about 30, 40, and 50 years ago that it's now time to repair it. and we never put away enough money to do that. what happens in an earthquake and really the answer is, we won't know until it happens, but you can bet that if these are in a state of good repair, we will be better off. >> reporter: drivers say the study is a definite wake-up call. ron said, until today, he didn't realize anything was wrong. >> honestly, it's not something that i've ever given any consideration to. now that i know about this, i don't know that i'll be changing my patterns, but it certainly will make me think twice about taking on-ramps and going across bridges like this. and most importantly, i would like to see some action taken to improve them. >> reporter: the good news about all of this, if there is anything, that none of the bay area's major bridges is considered deficiency. it's the little ones that have the big problems. in oakland,
. >> let's talk about your new film "america" that's about to debut tonight. your wife and co-star is with you in the movie as well. tell us a little bit about the mo movie and why it was so important to bring it here to cinequest. >> it was important for people to see it. it's really a life-affirming film. i will say that it's probably one of the most effective films of its kind that i've seen in a long time, because it's a simple story of a woman trying to understand her life. at the same time, having to deal with the repercussions of it in a very domestically violent relationship. >> mr. olmos i want to talk to you about the value of independent movies and film festivals like cinequest and how important they are. i know you've been in a lot of big budget films. why are smaller films like this so important? >> we'd never do these stories with the big budget films. they have the formula, and this formula does not fit into this film. thanks for lemarie and the work she did. he got involved with the film because of her. i read the original script and i told her not to get invol
the all-america team today, after helping them get to their fourth consecutive final four. already named the pac-10 player of the year, she joins baylor's all america team. here's how the cardinals secured their spot. they were in spokane, the home of their opponent, watching the sister act work wonders. shenay with the miss but older sister with the rebound and 23 on the night. what really helped was the three-ball and the bulldogs were not. stanford heads to indy, thanks to a 23-point win. >> it's a dream for people. some people don't get that close. so it's -- i'm more than happy to be going to the final four and i'm really proud of how we stepped up. >> also on the farm today, heisman watch already beginning. stanford football in the throws of spring practice with jim off to the 49ers, david shaw is running the show. all eyes this season on the man returning to play quarterback, andrew putting the draft on hold to return for another season which starts with a game against his own team. the cardinal play the spring game two saturdays now fr now, april 9th in the city. the san jose ear
. >> it is really disheartening to see that in 2011 we are still having these conversations in america. we have a history that is -- full of stories of targeting of minority communities. and it's really disheartening to see us doing it again. to essentially a new community. >> she scum pairs c.a.r.e. and the work, to the naacp and anti-defamation league and says: c.a.r.e. encourages american muslim community to vote and contact congressional officials about issues. the biggest point she wants to make is that unlike what lawmakers asserted to day, c.a.r.e. has repeatedly reported individuals who they were concerned might do harm to law enforcement. some of the lawmakers whupt to t testified, say they believe the national organization impedes investigations into terrorism and protects radical terrorists here on u.s. soil. the woman says she fears the rhetoric used at the hearing seeking fuel peoplecc1: the political spotlight, especially with an election cycle drawing near. >> the when elected officials like peter king make it okay to have these conversations, conversations not based on any fact
and happen to be a bank of america customer, you might want to listen up. show your card and you'll be granted free entry to museums all across the bay area this weekend. it includes the chabot space and science center, de young museum, legion p honor, san jose museum of art and the tech museum. it runs on the first full weekend of every month through the end. year. >>> right now, we're checking in with justin, and a little bit of hoops going on. >> end of the regular season for college hoopsz. we'll catch up with cal and stanford ending their pac-10 play at haas pavilion. >>> no better way to end the regular season as cal and stanford meet up at haas pavilion. the big dance hopes remain alive. to the pavilion, it was rocking. bears looking for its fourth straight win. it was senior day, so cal's only senior, mark sanders gets the honors and puts in the first bucket of the game. the bears went on a tear from there. laying it in with his left hand. cal up 18-4. 24 for crab. they continue to pour it on. jorge gutierrez with the sweet pass to richard solomon, who puts it down. secon
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the joy of reading shared in schools across the nation in the read across america program. >> when he looks in the mirror, he notices his hair needs a trim. he'll ask for a pair of sizers. >> that's laura garcia-cannon reading "if you give a mouse a cookie." like other guest readers invited, she brought a favorite book to share with the kids. check out the hat. she really got into the spirit of the day. she looks adorable. cat in the hat has never looked so good. it's to encourage kids to read and get them in on a really good story. i love that book, "if you give a mouse a cookie." . >> where were laura's triplets. >>> the five-second rule. is it safe to eat something you dropped? a doctor specializes in infectious diseases says no way. a 2007 study found that 99% of bacteria on wood or tile floors clings to the food nearly on contact, carpet transferred a little less but just as fast. if you drop it five second or seven seconds, you can't eat it. >> not going to eat. >> i'm good for ten seconds. >> i know. i still like the rule. >> men. we'll see you at 11:00.
not to be cut, because it has such a history with america and with the school. >> former giants great jeff kent is also chipping in. gordon says he's hopeful the funds will help the chancellor reinstate the program that is scheduled to end for good after this season. the school won't give us an official response other than to say, even if gordon's group raises the money, cal might not accept it. >> i hope it works out for them. >>> still ahead at 6:00, rich in color and history, artists paint a new mural in san francisco's mission district. find out its link to a 200-year-old mystery. >>> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a stellar day here across san francisco. you know, we're under a warming trend when san francisco beats out san jose, 82 in downtown! all right. as we head throughout tonight, clear conditions for the south bay and warming up quickly by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll tell you about more record inmiust s.nutefor atmorrow ust minutes. in >>> well, check your freezers. more than 100,000 pounds of frozen pizza products are being recalled from a popular store. som
by american airlines last week. jet blue, air tran, and virgin america are also among the pack to include the $10 hike. the rising costs of fuel is to blame like we said, for the sixth price hike this year. >>> texting, talking, web surfing behind the wheel. millions are still doing and it most don't even think it's dangerous. a new consumer report poll found 63% of people under the age of 30 still talk to a handheld phone while they drive. 30% admit to texting while behind the wheel. only 30% think the behavior is dangerous. in a similar study by state farm, 19% of drivers admitted they surf the web on their smart phone while driving. according to the u.s. department of transportation, 5,500 people in the u.s. were killed by a distracted driver in 2009. >>> okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri when we're talking about the weather. >> i have my blind orders and i'm focused right on those numbers in that radar. we are looking at a little change tonight. we did enjoy a little bit of sunshine today. it was like three to five hours for many of you. the clouds have rolled
. >> reporter: he ran the seven marathons. here he is summiting north america's mount mckinley. >> i woke up one day late in life. like many oen us, looked in the mirror and didn't like what i saw. i signed up for a marathon. that's how it started. >> reporter: now he straps a 60-pound backpack on his 130 pound frame. in three weeks he will leave for asia's mount everest loaded with gear and toys, books and clotheo he is collecting for the foundation serves the people of nepal. >> i wanted to do something big while i was around. and i think what we all want something big, whatever that is. i discovered this as a way to both channy energy and hopefully provide inspiration for others who want to find their own everest. >> reporter: lewis ran his own marathon at 45. at 53 he will be the youngest person. he mopes will inspire people to take on the challenge. >> talk about breeg hood of the rope. sometime you might save somebody's life. sometimes they'll save yours. i see that a lot in business. we are all tied together. we're roped up. we need to look out for each other and help make that success mo
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12